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NOHA Blackboard is the electronic learning environment of the Humanitarian Action Master Programme. Teachers use Blackboard to give information about courses, to take electronic examinations, and to exchange documents. Students use Blackboard to read announcements, to cooperate with group members, and to find all kinds of information about the courses of the NOHA programme.

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Use your blackboard username and password to log in. You are enrolled in the courses in which you participate at your home and host university. If you're not enrolled in the course in which you participate, or in case you encounter technical problems, contact nohablackboard@rug.nl. If you would like to change your password, please contact nestorsupport@rug.nl.


Use your Blackboard username and password to log in. Contact nohablackboard@rug.nl when you encounter problems with regard to your course(s) or organization(s). You can also contact nohablackboard@rug.nl in case you experience technical problems. If you would like to change your password, please contact nestorsupport@rug.nl.